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UI/UX designer

Our User Interface designers (UI designer) can help you design the entire interface, components and overall interaction of a user with a computing device or application. In addition, our UX designers enable the creation of an information system that is simpler and more efficient for the human end user.

Our UX designers primarily work on the principles of human computer interaction (HCI). Their primary goal is to design a system that provides the most benefits for an end user in terms of system usability. Our UX designers are excellent in researching, identifying and evaluating all aspects, perceptions and points of interaction between a user and a computer system. These generally include the visual design, information architecture, usability and accessibility of the primary system. Our UX designers have also a broad understanding of an application’s or system’s interface as well as of human behaviors/psychology, overall information flow and technical knowledge of the developed system.

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Python, Java, Node.Js, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, React-Native
Python, Django
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