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Agile is the new way of working – the trend has started several years ago in the development process but now is overtaking the business world as well and more and more organizations are adopting the Agile way of working.

Our Agile coaches have trained hundreds of employees of numerous European companies have prepared them successfully for the Scrum certification. Besides theoretical knowledge, our Agile coaches have also enormous practical experience in delivering Agile projects and have performed the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner. They possess also the corresponding certifications (PSMI and PPOI).

How can our Agile Coaches help you?

  • If you are planning to deliver for the first time Agile project – the Agile Coach can train your development team and all business people
  • If your organization is relatively new to Agile and not everyone is on the same page – the Agile Coach can spend one to one sessions with people who need to catch up and clarify the concepts
  • If you want your employees to take the Professional Scrum Master Exam – the Agile coach can deliver a training designed for taking the PSMI certificate and help the employees prepare for the exam
  • If you are already familiar with Agile and want to spice up things and bring Agile in your company to the next level – the Agile Coach can show you advanced technics, best practices and engaging new ways to perform the Scrum events
  • If you are considering to adopt Agile but you are not sure yet – the Agile coach can analyse your business and advice you on the best way to adopt Agile


Our Agile Coaches are flexible in terms of travelling and work locations and can accommodate your needs.

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