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Business IT Consultant 

Our business IT consultants are the connection between the business and the IT. They can help you “translate” your business requirements into IT language (and vice verse – making IT concepts understandable to ordinary business people).

Getting a business IT consultant is perfect solution in case you do not have full-time dedicated resource to talk, guide and supervise the IT team. Our business IT consultants will:

  • Quickly understand your core business, your strategy and how the particular project fits within your organizational structure and concept
  • Work closely with the business to identify and document your specific business requirements for the project
  • Advice business on best practices
  • Set up the project plan, organization and tools (typically JIRA and Confluence in Agile delivery)
  • Work on a daily basis with developers and supervise the development process to ensure the successful delivery of the business requirements
  • Report back to the business on the progress of the development
  • Be the middle man between the business and the development team

Our business IT consultants have extensive experience in Agile delivery and can also:

  • Take the role of a Scrum Master for the project
  • Take the role of a (Proxy) Product Owner for the project
  • Set up and organize all Scrum events in a way that is adapted to your specific needs and company structure
  • Teach and guide the organization in following and adopting Scrum

Typically, our Business IT consultants have business education background from top business universities in Europe. Moreover, they have several years of experience in other consulting firms with strong focus on leading onshore, nearshore and off-shore development teams. The business consultants are also flexible in terms of travelling and work locations (depending entirely on your specific needs).

Our business IT consultant can work with the following programs:

  • PowerPoint
  • Word
  • Excel
  • JIRA
  • Confluence

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