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Brave IT Consulting is aiming to resolve many of the problems that modern-day companies are facing when it comes to finding the right IT person and/or delivering successfully IT projects. We have two different operating models you can chose from, depending on your specific needs:

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Operating models

  • You are running your IT project and you are just looking for IT specialists for specific roles and with specific programming skills. In this case, you just simply contact us stating your requirements and we will send you suitable profiles corresponding to your needs. After selecting the candidate, the IT specialist is ready to join your team for as long as you need them.

You have a great idea for a new IT solution but do not have the IT resources and capabilities to run the entire project and you just want the finished product?

In this case, you contact us and tell us what you need.
We will give you information about timelines, budgets and deadlines.
Once we reach an agreement, we will Build the IT solution, then we will Operate the solution and finally we will Transfer the solution to you.
Of course, we will train your employees how to operate and maintain the solution.
If required by you, we can also continue the support and maintenance of the solution.

As we stated, we are very flexible and we can adapt our operating model to your specific business requirements. So, if you have any other suggestions, wishes or ideas how we could work together – simply contact us. We are open to a conversation and to brave new challenges.

Check out Frequently Encountered Problems (FEPs) that we can solve

Difficulties finding IT specialists?

Finding good and reliable IT people could be extremely difficult sometimes especially nowadays when all companies are moving towards digitalization and the demand for skilled IT resources is skyrocketing. The fight for IT specialists is fierce and very often your competitors are stealing the best candidates right under your nose.

How Brave IT Consulting can help you?
  • We make it very easy to find an IT specialist. Brave IT Consulting has a large pool of available IT specialists to choose from. All you need to do is to contact us with your request. Simply tell us what skills and experience you require and for how long. We will make sure to respond promptly with our availability, suitable profiles and a quote.
You do not want to run the entire project by yourself?

Sometimes companies have great new ideas for IT solutions that would help them run their business better but very often the companies not only do not have the IT resources but also do not have the experience (or time, or resources) to run the entire IT project.

How can Brave IT Consulting help you:

You give us your requirements, we give you the finished product. We will run the entire project for you from end to end. That way you find

The process of finding an IT specialist is costly and it takes too long?

Very often, the standard process could take several months and quarters in which you are losing money, as your projects are understaffed and not running smoothly. Some firms are forced even to outsource the task of finding IT specialists to external recruiters who are charging quite big fees, which makes the process even more expensive.

How Brave IT Consulting can help you? 
  • Very simple – you can skip all recruitment agencies and save your money. You also do not need to invest countless hours searching for the right IT person. We operate just like a super market – you enter, you choose the milk you want to have and you take it – that’s it. Of course, we are not able to sell you any milk (this is just a figure of speech) but you get what we mean -you enter our “shop” by submitting your request, we send you suitable profile, you chose the one that matches your requirements. Done! You save precious time, efforts and a loooot of money.
You do not need IT specialists all the time? Only from time to time? Or only for short-term periods?

The business world is very dynamic and unforeseeable. Sometimes companies need certain skills just for short period of time. Why should you hire somebody full time when in fact you are not sure for how long you are going to actually need their skills? In other cases, companies might have unexpected changes and shortages and they need just a temporary replacement to overcome the gap.

How Brave IT Consulting can help you?
  • You need an IT person just for 1 week? Or a month? Or quarter? Or an year? Or maybe you do not even know for how long exactly you are going to need this IT person? No problem at all – we can provide you with IT specialists from as little as one week up to a year – you chose the duration that best fits your project needs.
It is a hassle to open and maintain a permanent position?

To open a permanent position you probably need permission from senior management (which let’s be honest might take a long time to get, if at all). You need to plan extra budget, negotiate contracts, salary…and on the top of that you start paying for pension contributions, health insurance, annual leaves etc…etc…etc. The bureaucracy and the paperwork imposed to companies nowadays are just enormous.

How Brave IT Consulting can help you?
  • We have already taken care of all this for you – as we mentioned, you just enter the shop, pick up your favorite milk and go to thecash desk. You do not need to worry about any employment paperwork, paying for annual leaves, health insurance, pension contributions and many other “hidden” fees. The price you see is what you pay – nothing more.

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