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About Us

Who we are

Brave IT Consulting is an ambitious organization that aims to fulfil the demanding needs of the modern IT market. Our goal is to provide you with the most talented and experienced nearshore IT specialists for your short and long-term projects. Our company has a large pool of IT specialists with diversified IT skills and experience, so that you can find quickly the right fit for your project. We are specialized in IT staffing and BOT model projects.

Purpose and Goals

We have been working in both – in the IT and in the Business sectors for over a decade and we know how much both sectors have changed over the last years. More and more companies are realizing the value of IT for their business and have shifted their focus on digitalization. However, this shift in the business mindset let to a great new demand for good IT specialists and for new ways of executing and delivering projects.

Our purpose is to fix many of the problems that companies are facing when trying to find IT specialists for their teams and projects. We also want to offer a new and modern way of creating and delivering IT solutions using the BOT model.

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We also want to provide our customers with great flexibility, so that they can optimize their business results. We have observed for many years how companies are struggling to deliver projects successfully due to the lack of good IT specialist and costly and timely hiring and onboarding processes. This is how we have come up with the idea to simplify and streamline this process, so that our customers can save time, money and efforts that can be invested elsewhere.

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Our Values

BRAVE stands for the fact that we are brave enough to introduce some bold changes into the way companies hire and work with IT specialists and the way projects are delivered.

BRAVE also describes what we believe in: Business Results, Agility, Value and Efficiency

Business Results
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We are Brave team and our goal is to open up the IT world to the Business world by eliminating many of the obstacles that stand between them.

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Clients Testimonials

Desislava Parzulova
Desislava Parzulova
President of Bulgarian Worker’s Federation “Sport and Health”

By working with Brave IT Consulting on several projects for the past year, from contractors they become our partners in everything related to IT, software and digitalization. From the beginning I liked how everything was transparent, honest and direct. In most of our projects, we rely on them to lead and manage the workflow, which means that our employees have mainly controlling function. I enjoy working with Brave, because everything is clear all the time and they always deliver the project.

Hristo Draganov
Hristo Draganov
Executive Director in PST GROUP

Before meeting Brave IT Consulting, we had obstacles with our ERP system, our logistic software and our accounting program. In the begging, I was doubtful, because they offered us solution for all our troubles and problems, which seemed a very big task with a lot of hidden obstacles, but in seven months, they delivered a fully integrated platform, where all our systems and applications were included. We are still working with them on automatization of digital processes in that platform, something that I never supposed of doing. They helped us digitalise our business and relief our employees of most of the mechanical tasks that they were doing before.

Location and Address

We are located in the heart of our capital Sofia in the booming IT country Bulgaria. If you ever find yourself nearby, make sure to stop by and say “hello”. Or, alternatively, you can always give us a call or write – you can find our contact information in the section below


Contact Information

Be brave and just contact us in case you have any questions and want to learn more about us. Besides Bulgarian, we also speak several other languages such as English, German, French, Spanish and Russian, so feel free to send us a message in any of these languages. We are looking forward to receiving your message.

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